Two massive offshore wind farms proposed for Bass Strait

Source: Renew Economy

11th June 2021

Two new massive offshore wind farms have been proposed for either side of Bass Strait. Brookvale Energy is looking at an offshore wind project in Tasmanian waters of up to 2,000MW or more, while the Scotland-based Flotation Energy is looking at a 1,500MW project off Ninety Mile beach in Victoria’s Gippsland region, but possibly using floating wind turbines. There are now at least 12 different offshore wind proposals in Australia taking the growing pipeline of projects to more than 25 gigawatts.

There are now some $100 billion of offshore wind projects under construction or development around the world and generation costs have come down considerably. The main driver for the projects is the replacement of retiring baseload electricity generation within the NEM with a sustainable, low cost and reliable source of electricity with the wind profile complimenting existing wind farms in Victoria.

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