The day from hell: why the grid melts down in hot weather

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Hot weather creates problems in Australia’s energy system, particularly when power supply is limited or shut down causing blackouts.

To explain why this happens are five keys points below:

  1. How does the system work – Electricity must be produced as we use it since it cannot be stored, and to an almost exact amount to prevent other problems
  2. What triggers a power meltdown – Air conditioners, when all turned on at the same time in mass, have changed the demand of the system
  3. Why does power infrastructure break down when it’s hot – When predicted electricity usage is lower than what is actually used, not enough is produced
  4. How do power sources react during a scorcher – The negative impact on seven different sources and factors of power are detailed in the article
  5. What could fix all this – Innovations in storage and long term planning are required, which may require up to billions of dollars in investment

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