Tesla Megapacks set new charge and discharge records at Victoria Big Battery

Source: Renew Economy

25 Oct 2021

Testing and commissioning at the Victoria Big Battery in Victoria has resulted in new records for battery charging and discharging. The Victoria Big Battery will be Australia’s biggest battery at 300MW/450MWh when it is fully operational in time for the summer peaks.

It charged at 205MW shortly after 8am and then a short time later discharged at 250MW, giving an insight into its potential impact on the local grid and the wholesale market. The swing from charge to discharge of more than 455MW gives it enormous flexibility and a useful resource for the market operator.

Once fully operational the Victoria Big Battery will allow more electricity to be imported during periods of peak demand in the summer. For other periods it will be used in the arbitrage market, buying or charging at low prices and selling at higher prices when demand jumps, and delivering crucial services such as frequency control.

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