Tesla Megapack still burning, no word if any delays to Victoria Big Battery

Source: Renew Economy

2nd August 2021

On Friday morning, a fire broke out during the initial testing phase for the commissioning of the Victoria Big Battery. Fire authorities sent more than 30 fire trucks and support vehicles and about 150 firefighters from CFA and Fire Rescue Victoria to the incident. The fire destroyed two Tesla Megapack containers and was still burning on Sunday afternoon. The fires were contained, and CFA remained on site to monitor the “temperature decline” of the two battery packs, and air monitoring revealed no evidence of any toxicity in the fire or the air.

The big question will be the cause of the fire, and if it is a manufacturing or installation or production fault, and what impact the fire will have on the full deployment of the 300MW/450MWh battery. The Victoria Big Battery obtained its registration last week and began testing on Thursday, and again on Friday before the fire erupted. There is no word yet on what impact the incident will have on the commissioning of battery system which was due to play a significant role in the grid this summer.

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