Tasmania sets world-leading target of 200 per cent renewables by 2040

Source: Renew Economy

The Tasmanian state government has announced an ambitious target of 200 per cent renewable energy by 2040.

Looking past its 100 per cent by 2022 target, Premier Peter Gutwein stated an updated Renewable Energy Action Plan was to be released next month to assure that Tasmania remains the “renewable energy powerhouse” of Australia. This comes as a $50 million Tasmanian Hydrogen Action Plan was announced on the 2nd of March which aims “to be commercially exporting hydrogen by 2030”.

The state has been proud to be a “quite leader” on climate action, which has seen the states greenhouse gas emissions decline by 95 per cent from 1990 levels. Mr Gutwein added that “for the sixth year in a row we have met our legislated emissions reduction target”.

Whilst all of this is very exciting, many obstacles, including the construction of a proposed second interconnector linking Tasmania back to the mainland, remain to be overcome. Along with this, “any new target needs to be evidence-based and informed by both science and economics,” Mr Gutwein said.

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