South Australia to be energy island for two weeks, four wind farms sidelined

Source: Renew Economy

Dramatic weather events from the previous week has seen South Australia’s electricity grid effectively “islanded” for up to two weeks.

A tornado on Friday knocked down six large transmission towers in a main line in Victoria that has essentially closed the main electricity highway between Victoria and South Australia, resulting in the Australian Energy Market Operator to operate South Australia as an island.

Whilst the state should have enough resources to cope, with fortunate mild temperatures forecast for the coming week, AEMO has implemented constraints including limiting the output of four wind farm operations, with more measures to be introduced on Monday.

Outside of South Australia, where extreme heat was also felt in both Victoria and New South Wales, no widespread outages or scheduled load shedding occurred. Supply was still tight however, with the NSW grid being pushed into a “lack of reserve level 2” situation, that is when AEMO declares insufficient capacity to deal with additional unexpected outages.

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