Solar Tenders

T&O provide independent solar tender services (alongside our solar feasibility service).

An increasing number of large energy users are seeking to reduce costs through solar installation. This is done by reducing net demand during the day and taking advantage of green energy certificates, both small and large scale.

T&O Consulting has an in-house renewables engineering team that can assist with analysing the suitability and feasibility of installing solar and releasing the design to tender. Further analysis of each site could be conducted to assess economic indicators such as Net Present Value and Payback Period for solar installations.

When tendering for solar system installations, we create a transparent process that bidders can have trust in, this facilitates the competitive process and leads to lower prices. We structure tender documents so that comparisons between bidders are easier, and clients can make informed choices. This involves:

  • Creating standardised tender response documents, so that respondents are required to all address key criteria. This simplifies evaluation by enabling more direct comparison.
  • Select potential respondents and distribute tender documents.
  • All respondents must meet eligibility criteria including being Clean Energy Council accredited and that they only use Tier 1 equipment.
  • Maintain the confidence of respondents.
  • Request two financing options, a cash flow positive/neutral loan and/or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • Analyse responses and extra relevant information for assessment.
  • Compare responses using T&O Consulting’s evaluation procedure.

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