Solar Feasibility

Installation of a solar system is worth investigating if you’re looking to reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of your business.

As independent energy consultants, we provide impartial advice to clients regarding their energy needs and the options available to meet those needs. When we undertake solar feasibility assessments our objective is to provide optimal solutions for our clients. This avoids the risk of oversizing which can arise when assessments are completed by companies that also sell and install solar systems. The outcome of any feasibility assessment is determined by the assumptions made and what outcomes are most valuable to a client. We are conservative with our modelling assumptions and adjust our assessment to fit our client’s values, whether they be cost reduction, or carbon abatement. Steps in the feasibility assessment include:

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  • Current electricity rates and demand profile.
  • Location and roof suitability.
  • System sizing, solar generation curve and annual yield.
  • Solar market, providers, and technology explained.
  • Capital costs of a solar system, including a comprehensive breakdown of payback period and longterm electricity and cost savings.
  • Finance options, including leasing and power purchase agreements (PPA).

With business case approval, T&O also offer a Solar Tender service to assist in Solar System purchasing.