Green Energy

The price of green energy fluctuates just like black energy. Business can purchase 100% accredited green energy through most retailers or directly from green trading companies. You can also vary the percentage purchased or opt to buy green energy for an event.

Businesses that purchase “GreenPower” are also helping to drive renewable energy investment in Australia.

After you make your GreenPower purchase, if your business purchases 10% or more of its annual electricity usage as GreenPower it is eligible to use the GreenPower Customer Logo on its marketing and business materials. This can be beneficial to how the business is perceived in the industry by their customers and stakeholders.


Another option for buying green energy is “GoldPower”.

GoldPower is the world’s first global renewable energy certificate for businesses who want to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable electricity future.

GoldPower comes from renewable energy projects in countries with no Kyoto target. These projects can include wind farms, hydro-electric plants, solar farms and other sources of renewable energy.

GoldPower guarantees that your renewable energy purchase provides additional reductions in carbon emissions as well as delivering significant, verified social and environmental benefits to the local community. These benefits can include health clinics, employment and education of locals as well as new infrastructure like power and roads.

Due to the high prices of green energy in Australia now, a number of businesses are opting for GoldPower.

For all your green energy requirements contact the team at T&O Consulting to learn what is the best option for your business.