Remote town cuts diesel use with new Solar technology

Source: ABC News

2nd Aug 2018 – One of the most remote towns in Australia, Alpurrurulam in NT, is leading the way with 20% of it’s power now coming from renewables.

The small community was chosen by the Northern Territory Power and Water Corporation to trial remote clean energy production and is one of the first towns to try and develop software and hardware to bring their various streams of power together to create a seamless supply for the community.

The 240-kilowatt solar farm and three wind turbines power one in five homes on a normal day, but have the capacity to power half the community at its maximum load. Before the introduction of the solar farm in 2011 the community relied solely on diesel generators. Those generators are still in use, but according to Power and Water, fuel consumption has dropped by 120,000 litres a year.

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