Energy Efficiency & Audits

Energy Efficiency means reducing energy use while continuing activity. For example, modern LED lighting is able to produce the same or better brightness levels while consuming less energy and retrofitting motors can prevent energy loss.
There are often state based grants and funding for energy efficiency projects.

Currently in Victoria the following grants are available:

Basic Energy Assessment Grant

Up to $2,000 towards a basic audit, and a further $3,000 towards implementing the actions within the audit report.

Recommended for businesses spending between $20,000 and $50,000 on energy per year.

Detailed Energy Assessment Grant

Half the cost of the assessment, up to $15,000, and a further $5,000 towards implementing the actions within the audit report.

Recommended for businesses spending more than $50,000 per year.

Environmental Upgrade Finance

Lower cost finance for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects. Repayments secured through council rates, lowering cost of finance.

Materials Efficiency Program

Grants up to $13,000 to manufacturing business to reduce waste and reuse materials. Up to $10,000 can be used for expert advice from a materials efficiency assessor, and $3000 to implement solutions.

Gas Efficiency Grants

Up to $50,000 to assist with gas related projects. For businesses spending more than $20,000 on gas per year in equipment or processes that are core to the business operations. Particularly suited to businesses that operate boilers or steam systems, industrial ovens or kilns or for recovering waste heat.

T&O’s auditors can offer advice on any available grant funding.

Energy Audits

T&O work with qualified energy auditors that can provide both Level 2 and Level 3 audits that adhere to Australian standards (AS 3598).

T&O can offer comprehensive energy audits through partnership associations with EEP Management Pty Ltd.

EEP Management is a consulting engineering firm that has provided audits and consulting services for the commercial and industrial sector for over 700 major sites.

Energy Audits are conducted according to AS/NZS3598 2014 standards.

EEP Management works closely with the following organisations

  • EPA preferred consultant
  • Sustainable Energy Authority of Victoria
  • Commonwealth Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Department auditor and verifier
  • Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development on technical audit, energy and industrial environmental management (cleaner production)
  • Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating accredited auditor
  • Commonwealth Department of Industry Tourism and Resources EEO auditor
  • South Australian government Zero waste program as preferred consultant
  • Energy and Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) of New Zealand.

Find out how energy audits can reduce your energy costs whilst improving productivity through efficiencies.