Energy Efficiency & Audits

T&O can offer comprehensive energy audits through partnership associations with EEP Management Pty Ltd.

EEP Management is a consulting engineering firm that has provided audits and consulting services for the commercial and industrial sector for over 700 major sites.

Energy Audits are conducted according to AS/NZS3598 2014 standards.

EEP Management works closely with the following organisations

  • EPA preferred consultant
  • Sustainable Energy Authority of Victoria
  • Commonwealth Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Department auditor and verifier
  • Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development on technical audit, energy and industrial environmental management (cleaner production)
  • Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating accredited auditor
  • Commonwealth Department of Industry Tourism and Resources EEO auditor
  • South Australian government Zero waste program as preferred consultant
  • Energy and Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) of New Zealand.

Find out how energy audits can reduce your energy costs whilst improving productivity through efficiencies.