Energy Procurement

With Energy markets extremely volatile, timing is essential to get a cost-effective energy contract for your business. The NEM in Australia is undergoing significant changes, and when you are negotiating new energy pricing you need to make sure you’ve got all the current information at your fingertips. There are many things that can impact pricing, for example:

  • Current Market trends
  • Distributor network costs
  • LNG export projects
  • Federal and State legislation and policy changes
  • Extreme weather events

These are just some of the factors putting pressure on market pricing. T&O’s independent team of experts constantly monitor wholesale markets to identify opportunities to enter into contract negotiation.

Electricity Contracting

T&O conduct a detailed analysis of your current electricity and gas usage and work with you to forecast your usage going forward. Along with our expert knowledge of market conditions, we tailor a procurement strategy to meet your electricity needs.

T&O negotiate with all high tier market electricity retailers to obtain the optimal price and contract terms to achieve your long-term business objectives. We also offer advice with specific terms and conditions that you may not be aware of or may impact negatively on your business

Gas Contracting

T&O build a business profile of gas usage and forecast future demand to determine gas contract requirements, along with negotiating a reasonable “Take or Pay” to satisfy long-term business requirements.

T&O can advise of new large gas entrants to the market that can sometimes offer a much more competitive price. With prices increasing substantially and limited competition since the start of LNG export activity, it is more prudent than ever for a business to understand their options.

Market Pricing

T&O Consulting monitor base futures pricing for all calendar years. We can assist your business in reducing energy costs by strategic timing your energy procurement to minimise the risk associated with volatile wholesale markets.