Energy Market Consulting

The National Energy Market used to be quite predictable. This has now changed with the entire transformation of the market away from fossil fuel generation to more renewable generation. The lack of clear policy from the current government has led to a volatile market that is hard to predict. This has also destroyed the confidence of business making it difficult to plan and invest.

T&O Consulting offer a comprehensive energy consultancy service to minimize energy costs through an intelligent procurement strategy. A clear and concise methodology is presented to customers focusing on the requested scope of works. T&O monitor energy markets daily and can provide analysis on best possible times to procure based on wholesale market conditions. We can manage the entire tender process and advice customers on current changes within retailer’s terms and conditions to mitigate any risk associated with change.

Energy Markets – What are the main drivers of price increases in the market?

The major factors currently driving escalating electricity pricing in the National Electricity Market (NEM) are generation asset closure, extreme weather events, vertical integration, interconnector constraints and the increased costs of coal and gas. This has led to an extremely volatile market. There are several large-scale renewable projects to come online which will replace the generation lost with recent closures, however, these projects have been delayed due to connection issues. Several renewable projects are expected to be commissioned over the next 2 years, so we may see prices start to decline from 2020 or earlier.

T&O Consultants can work closely with your business to reduce risk of losses due to high pricing and market changes. Our wholistic approach ensures we factor your specific requirements into our solutions.

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