Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency is a broad term that relates to the reduction of energy input while maintaining the same or better outputs. It is broken up into two sub-categories: Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency.

Energy Conservation


Energy Conservation means avoiding energy use altogether. For example, after assessing energy use it is found that warehouses without stock are temperature controlled unnecessarily, or banks of fluorescent tubes are left on when not required. Avoiding this is easy and is usually done with no cost. However, identifying these areas can be difficult as people get used to their surroundings and can miss obvious misuse of energy.


Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency means reducing energy use while continuing activity. For example, modern LED lighting is able to produce the same or better lux levels while consuming less energy and retrofitting motors can prevent energy loss. While Energy Conservation can be achieved through behaviour change, Energy Efficiency requires the installation of improved technology.T&O Consulting monitor energy certificate markets and relevant jurisdictional incentive schemes to advise our clients on opportunities.



 Energy Efficiency and Conservation are key components of our comprehensive Energy and Resource Management Plan.



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