Carbon Accounting Management

Carbon accounting refers generally to processes undertaken to “measure” amounts of carbon dioxide equivalents emitted by an entity. It is used by states, corporations and individuals to create the carbon credit commodity traded on carbon markets (or to establish the demand for carbon credits). Correspondingly, examples for products based upon forms of carbon accounting can be found in national inventories, corporate environmental reports or carbon footprint calculators. Likening sustainability measurement, as an instance of ecological modernisation discourses and policy, carbon accounting is hoped to provide a factual ground for carbon-related decision-making.

Carbon Management

In a carbon constrained world business are seeing the value in reducing their emissions in order to reduce their carbon liabilities. T&O Consulting is qualified to assist businesses measure their emissions and implement strategies to reduce emissions.

Carbon Inventories

T&O Consulting can work with your business to measure emissions from all sources including liquid fuels, natural gas, electricity use and others. We can compile a carbon inventory  according to GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1.

Example of a carbon inventory


Carbon Management Reports

T&O can assist your business identify projects to reduce your environmental footprint following the measurement and documentation of carbon emissions. These reports can formulate a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) policy that the company can publish on their website.

GHG Reporting

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