Billing and Reconciliation of Accounts

Electricity Billing and Reconciliation

Energy retailers don’t always invoice correctly, and it can take considerable time to resolve any issues. There are many complex charge components to a bill which require detailed knowledge to verify, especially for large market commercial accounts. These accounts take some time to understand, with government charges included amongst usage, environmental and daily charges – getting the bills verified can cause a real headache.

It can be time consuming to resolve any issues with an energy retailer. Most of the larger retailers have recently experienced issues with billing clients, leading to a number of billing errors. T&O can offer billing reconciliation service to identify these errors. T&O partner with our clients to provide expert advice and an account management service to resolve these issues.

This service also incorporates new connections, disconnections, project management of greenfield sites including liaising with networks and retailers.

T&O’s expert staff can assist in reviewing your energy accounts to ensure that your energy charges are correct, with no overcharging due to estimated readings or incorrect items included.



Tariff Analysis

Tariff analysis is also highly important – ensuring you are being charged with the most suitable tariff to your usage needs can save money and time. Analysis of your network tariff should be regularly reviewed. We can fine tune your electricity accounts so if your business has reduced usage through efficiencies, or is ramping up due to higher production, the correct tariff can be applied.

There are many complex charge components to a bill, which require an expert knowledge to verify.  Network charges are a significant proportion of your bill and continue to increase. For example, on average network and government charges can make up 60% of the total energy charges.

Analysis of your network tariff should be regularly reviewed to make sure you are on the most cost-effective tariff. If a business reduces their usage through efficiencies and solar or is ramping up, then the network tariff will need to be reviewed. This should be looked at regularly.