Solar Services


Solar photovoltaic systems have a lifetime of 20 to 25 years, generating significant long term electricity savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions. We offer comprehensive stand-alone solar feasibility reports and solar quote comparisons to ensure that you are well equipped with a business case with regards to solar.


 Why Solar?

Solar gives you certainty: on site generation reduces your exposure to factors such as volatile market conditions and rising network charges.


Solar has never been more affordable with $0 upfront, financing options available now with no capital expenditure (Capex).


There has been a global shift in business thinking and practice, recognising that environment, social and governance challenges are core business challenges.


Investors are increasingly divesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in clean renewable energy 



Rebates - Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)


(STC’s) Small-scale Technology Certificates


The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) covers small-scale renewable energy technologies such as solarwater heaters (SWHs) and small generation units (SGUs) such as photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind and hydro systems, less than 100kWs.


▪For SOLAR PV installations STC's can be claimed as an upfront rebate

▪One STC received for each MWh generated over a 15 year period.  

▪STC’s can be sold as a tradeable commodity through the clearing house operated by the clean energy regulator, or assigned as a point of sale discount if you elect to sign over the certificates to a solar provider.



(LGC’s) Large-scale Generation Certificates


▪Awarded to Clean Energy Regulator accredited businesses for installation of solar systems of 100kW or greater. The company must apply to be an accredited powerstation.

▪One LGC received for each MWh generated above the sites baseline each calendar year. This can be claimed monthly or annually by the company, but not traded through the clearing house.

▪An important difference between STCs and LGCs is that LGCs are produced on an ongoing basis after the system is accredited, installed, and producing power. As with STCs an LGC is a tradable unit that acts as a currency for renewable energy, and prices therefore fluctuate with supply and demand.





Solar Feasibility Report


If you’re looking to reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of your business, installation of a solar system is worth investigating.


T&O Consulting’s Solar Feasibility Report provides in-depth independent analysis to determine whether there is a business case for investment in a solar system. The report provides detailed analysis of:


• Current electricity rates and demand profile.

• Location and roof suitability.

• System sizing, solar generation curve and annual yield.

• Solar market, providers, and technology explained.

• Capital costs of a solar system, including a comprehensive breakdown of payback period and long term electricity and cost savings.

• Finance options, including leasing and power purchase agreements (PPA).


With business case approval, T&O also offer a Quote Comparison service to assist in Solar

System purchasing.



Solar Quote Comparison


With a minefield of various solar offers available, financing terms, products, performance, quality, reliability, service and warranty terms it is important to make the right decision when selecting a solar system.


T&O have expert solar consultants who will assess quotations on a solar solution that is designed to meet your business needs so that you can make the most cost effective decision.


T&O Consulting offers wholly independent advice and objective analysis with recommendations on the best possible Solar System options. This also includes finance options and return on investment (ROI).



99kW Solar Installation - High Efficiency Panels

Fjord Manufacturing, Albury NSW


"T&O Consulting were a great help with reviewing various solar offers, including finance options.  There is so much to consider and we found T&O's assistance to be invaluable in finding the right solar system for our business needs."

Jenny Jensen, Fjord Manufacturing