Other states should follow NSW demand reduction scheme with PERCs and DREDs

Source: Renew Economy

2nd December 2019

The NSW government announced last week that it will introduce a demand reduction scheme. It will extend and expand the NSW ESS and complement it with a second demand reduction certificate scheme that will support demand reduction with activities and technologies including batteries.

The schemes will become the Energy Security Safeguard. The energy efficiency scheme annual targets will increase from 8.5% up to 13% by 2030 and run until 2050 in line with NSW’s net zero emissions target to 2050.

Both South Australia and the ACT are considering incorporating demand reduction into their energy savings schemes, with more flesh to come on the bones of those scheme reviews and commitments before the end of 2020. In some ways, a demand reduction scheme may be even more compelling for Victoria given the involuntary load shedding in that state last summer.

When considering the scope for a demand reduction scheme, current energy savings scheme methodologies to measure and quantify the energy savings from a range of upgrade types (eg lighting, air-conditioning, refrigeration, motors and pool pumps) could be modified to recognise and value demand reduction over the 5.00 to 9.00 pm peak demand period over summer.

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