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Is Victoria’s power grid prepared for a heatwave?

Source: The AGE | January 15, 2018

Victoria’s power grid will walk a thin line between success and failure during this week’s heatwave. The state’s power generators have had a number of unit failures this month, but …
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SA planning to build world’s largest thermal solar plant

Source: The AGE | January 10, 2018

Following the success of the world’s largest battery, South Australia is aiming to build the world’s largest thermal solar plant. SolarReserve’s $650 million, 150 megawatt Aurora solar thermal plant has received …
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Can the power grid survive another heatwave?

Source: The AGE | January 9, 2018

On Sunday, Australia became the hottest place on earth, stretching the east coast’s energy grid as it attempted to supply the increased demand.   However, Saturday was the first real …
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