Renewable investment tipped to outlive subsidies but growing pains remain

Source: The Age | March 3, 2020

Large investments in the solar and wind power industry have been expected to continue beyond the era of government incentives, as predicted by the Clean Energy Regulator. The government’s renewable …
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AGL pushes LNG imports as solution to looming gas crisis

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald | February 18, 2020

Australia’s biggest energy supplier, AGL, have said that liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals need to be developed to avoid a future supply shortage in the nations southern states. It has …
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‘Energy laws have let us down’: Victoria pulls the plug

Source: The Age | February 18, 2020

The Victorian state Labor government will break away from the national electricity supply rules in order to upgrade obsolete electricity lines and fast-tack projects such as giant batteries. Labor will …
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AEMO releases its Quarterly Energy Dynamics report for Q4 2019

Source: AEMO | February 10, 2020

AEMO has released its QED for Q4 2019, which reports on the performance of the energy sector. In this document, which looks at all elements of the sector from weather …
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South Australia to be energy island for two weeks, four wind farms sidelined

Source: Renew Economy | February 3, 2020

Dramatic weather events from the previous week has seen South Australia’s electricity grid effectively “islanded” for up to two weeks. A tornado on Friday knocked down six large transmission towers …
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