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9th Jun   Blueprint for a world-class electricity system READ
26th Oct   2016: CEC VIC Recognises Value of Solar Power READ
19th Oct   2016: CEC SA blackout cause READ
12th Oct   2016: CEC QLD to cash in on its renewable energy advantage READ
30th Sep   2016: Grattan: Governments must take stock from SA READ
8th Sep   2016: ARENA solar funding shines on - for now READ
30th Aug   2016: CEC Protect Arena Grants Funding READ
22nd Jul   2016: CEC Time for honest discussion about energy in SA READ
4th Jul   2016: CS Energy pays penalties to the AER READ
30th Jun   2016: AEMO Energy Update June 2016 READ
3rd May   2016: AEMO Energy Update May 2016 READ
16th Dec   2015: CEC SA Government renews energy for change READ
3rd Dec   2015: CEC 21st Century energy system READ
29th Oct   2015: CEC Leadership and reform needed READ
30th Apr   2015: CEC Energy Storage Roadmap READ
29th Apr   2015: Reputex - ERF Auction Review READ
6th Feb   2015: Victorian Wind Farms to Help Power Canberra READ
19th Dec   2014: AEMO Energy Update - December 2014 READ
10th Dec   2014: AGL to mothball South Australian generating units READ
3rd Dec   2014 ABS: One in five households now use solar energy READ
27th Nov   2014: AEMC New rules for cost-reflective network prices READ
17th Oct   2014: ESC Energy Retailers Comparative Performance Report READ
29th Aug   2014: ESC VEET Performance Report 2013 READ
28th Aug   2014: AEMC New rules proposed for distribution network price READ
21st Aug   2014: ESC - Minimum Feed-In Tariff 2015 READ
20th Mar   2014: Gas price uncertainty destroying investment incentives READ
17th Mar   2014 Small-Scale Technology Percentage and RPP Set READ
10th Feb   2014:High Demand Event Report 28 January 2014 for Vic and SA READ
8th May   2013: AWU National Secretary Paul Howes Speech to the ENA READ
20th Apr   2013: NSW Electricity Network Reforms READ
11th Oct   2012: Stanwell to withdraw Tarong Power Station from service READ
26th Sep   2012: Aussies now using 25% more electricity READ
12th Sep   2012: FutureGas 2013 Conference & Exhibition READ
17th Jul   2012: ETSA Utilities to change its name to SA Power Networks READ
29th Jun   2012: Energy Use Forecasts Signal New Demand and Investment READ
29th Jun   2012: Inaugural energy use forecasts signal new demand and i READ
26th Jun   2012:National Energy Market System Prepared for Carbon Price READ
7th Jun   2012: Victorian Electricity Supply Safe READ
4th Jun   2012: Valuable Snapshot for Booming Gas Industry READ
16th Apr   2012: EUAA - More Large Electricity Price Increases READ
7th Nov   2011: EUAA - Electricity Prices and CPI READ
2nd Oct   2011:Notice of Amendment, Australian Energy Market Agreement READ
16th Dec   2010: Consumers Saving on Retail Energy Market Offers READ
2nd Jul   2009: COAG Amended Australian Energy Market Agreement 2009 READ
26th Jun   2008: National Gas (South Australia) Act 2008 READ
16th Nov   2007: National Electricity Amendment Rules 2007 READ
30th Jun   2005: Certified Initial National Electricity Rules July 2005 READ
21st Apr   2005: National Electricity Amendment Act 2005 READ
30th Jun   2004: COAG Australian Energy Market Agreement June 2004 READ