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NSW to sell generation assets


NSW has stated their intention to sell state-owned generation assets and is also looking at divesting the Cobbora coal mine.

The Federal Government has put continual pressure on the states to privatize their assets through PM Gillard at COAG, Minister Ferguson’s addresses and The Energy White Paper. The latter stated that a competitive NEM without conflicts of interests would be able to deliver the best possible prices for all consumers.

The NSW Treasurer has stated the process of privitisation will begin immediately. Generation assets controlled by the state of NSW are owned by State Owned Corporations. Eraring Energy manages Australia’s largest generator, the 2,880 MW coal-fired Eraring Power Station; the 4MW Crookwell Wind Farm; the 9MW Blayney Wind Farm; and approximately 400MW of Hydroelectic assets. Macquarie Generation, another State Owned Corporation operates the 2,000MW coal-fired Liddell Power Station and the integrated 9.3MW Solar thermal plant;  the 2,640MW coal-fired Bayswater Power Station; as well as hydro and biomass assets.