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Government unfreezes $30m from Clean Technology Programs


Despite AusIndustry, the government body responsible for the Clean Technology Program, calling a ‘freeze’ on the $1billion program, $30million in grants have been awarded to Australian companies embarking on energy efficiencies and emission reductions.

The program’s funding was being investigated as part of a Federal assessment into budgetary commitments, which led to a halt on payments to companies. Despite this, AusIndustry continued to assess the applications of companies and appears to have dodged the budget slashing conducted by Treasurer Wayne Swan as part of his crusade to return the budget to surplus.

The receivers of grant money include Boral Bricks in Queensland who are upgrading kilns; Downer Edi Works in South Australia to replace asphalt plants; Wodonga Rendering in Victoria for a tri-gen plant; Sugar Milling Co-op in NSW for improving boiler efficiency; Nissan Casting in Victoria for furnace upgrades and replacements; and Borello Cheese in WA for a solar power system.

The majority of the grants exceed $500k which are paid on the proviso that the grant receiver pays $2 to each $1 supplied by AusIndustry.