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Senate to hear submissions on Wind Farm Noise


The Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications is hearing submissions from industry personnel on the Excessive Noise from Wind Farms Bill.

Several industry experts are presenting their opinions on the issue of infra-noise, the alleged sound emitted from wind turbines that is said to cause an expanse of syndromes loosely grouped under the banner of Wind Turbine Syndrome. Scores of studies conducted in Australia and internationally have found that there is no direct link between wind turbines and health problems.    

Speakers include the infamous Sarah Laurie of the Waubra Foundation. Mrs Laurie is a long term anti-wind campaigner and promoter of Wind Turbine Syndrome. Laurie and the Waubra Foundation have been linked to the mysterious Australian Landscape Gardeners, known for climate skepticism, as well being supported by coal and gas vested interests.  

The bill has been put to the Senate by Senator John Madigan and Nick Xenophon. The latter is from South Australia where the majority of Australia’s wind farms exist. During September 2012, the average carbon intensity, the amount of fossil fuels used to generate a MWh, was 45%. This means that renewable energy, a large component of that generated by wind, contributed more generation to the SA region of the NEM than coal.

The findings of the Senate Committee could impact the wind industry and the large investments currently underway. Couple this with AGL’s decision to discontinue investment in new generation in SA and the future of wind in Australia is in jeopardy.

Despite this wind energy remains the cheapest, most efficient and commercially advanced of renewable technologies and is tipped to play a crucial role in the energy mix in the coming years. In an atmosphere where coal and gas generators are being squeezed out of the NEM by the carbon pricing mechanism, cheap wholesale prices and the RET. Wind energy is paramount to future energy security.