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The sun goes down on Solar Dawn


The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Federal body tasked with boosting renewable energy proliferation throughout Australia and handing outs out capital to projects deemed worthy of investment decided to withhold funding for the Solar Dawn project, a planned 250MW solar thermal plant to be constructed in Chinchilla, Queensland.

The project would have been the largest concentrated solar thermal project in Australia if constructed. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the project to the country in June 2011 that would create clean energy future for Queensland. The current State administration does not share Rudd’s enthusiasm and pulled its support for the project.

ARENA has stated the ‘current market conditions’, had complicated the construction of the Solar Dawn project and it would no longer support the project. ARENA is also no longer pursuing development of the 250 MW Solar Dawn solar thermal project in Queensland. The website for the project confirms that the Solar Dawn Consortium is not going ahead with the project.

Although, the sun way again rise on large scale solar in Australia, the Moree Solar Farm is listed as a ‘potential project’ within the Solar Flagships program.