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Australia reaches 2GW of Solar PV


RenewEconomy.com.au, 08 November 2012

The Australian annual demand of electricity is approximately 300TWh, this means that November 2012 was the time Australia sourched 0.001% of their energy from panels attached to their roofs. This doesn’t seem like much but it will be some way to supplement the Renewable Energy Target of 20% or 60TWh of electricity sourced from renewable sources.

This has defied a government prediction of a slow-down in installations and went counter to moves by the government to reduce financial incentives.

The Clean Energy Regulator’s prognosis was that solar installations would drop off around September 2011 before increasing during winter and then petering off before summer. The actual results saw solar installations remaining constant and while a reduction was seen during summer, the pattern continued at around 10,000 installations a month. Another reduction in incentives seen in the reduction of solar multipliers which increased the SRES certificates available to small scale generators actually saw a surge to install before the multiplier program completely dries up. QLD’s move to cut attractive feed-in tariffs for surplus electricity supplied to the grid had a similar effect.

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