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Energy efficiency scheme spreads to more office buildings


Source: Financial Review

A federal scheme that requires commercial buildings to disclose their energy efficiency has been expanded to include more property, by lowering the space threshold at which the scheme applies.

Known as the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) scheme, the program has previously set a 2000 square metre threshold for mandatory disclosure.

From July 1, the threshold has been lowered to 1000 square metres for commercial office space that is sold or leased, after the expansion was flagged last year.

About 5000 buildings, covering 26 million square metres of office space, are already within the scheme. The extension will bring another 1000 buildings within its ambit.

The NABERS Energy star rating must appear on all forms of advertising material for a building within the scheme.

A review of the disclosure program, which began in 2010, found the scheme generated $44 million in benefits in excess of costs.

The mandatory disclosure system encouraged behaviour change by owners, operators and tenants.

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