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Victoria opts out of national rules on smart meters


Source: Financial Review 21/03/2017

Progress to a national electricity market has taken another blow after Victoria opted out of a reform designed to reduce peak demand and save about $8 billion.

Victoria has decided to delay until 2021 new national rules that were due to take effect from December that open up for competition the metering of electricity in households. Meters are currently installed and run by local distribution monopolies such as Spark Infrastructure and Ausnet Services which are not actually suppliers of power to households.

The new rules were supposed to encourage in retailers who could offer "time-of-use" pricing structures that reward customers who shifted their electricity consumption to non-peak times of day reducing the need for more poles and wires and electricity generation.

 The Grattan Institute has estimated that shifting demand away from peak times in this way could save about $8 billion over the next five years.

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