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Gas Companies risk 'social licence' say Turnbull


Source: The Guardian 15/3/2017

Malcolm Turnbull has warned that gas companies risk their “social licence” to operate without reservation quotas if they fail to supply Australian domestic industry.

Turnbull made the comments at a doorstop in Canberra before his meeting with the gas companies on Wednesday aimed to force them to increase domestic supply.

It comes as the energy and environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, has supported South Australia’s plan to incentivise landowners to accept development of gas resources. He also suggested gas companies should release more supply to the domestic market without a reservation policy.

When asked about imposing a reservation policy, Turnbull said the federal government had “considerable power” to control exports, but said his aim was to “ensure we have action from the gas companies”.

“The gas companies – I have no doubt – are very well aware they operate with the benefit of a social licence from the Australian people.

“And they cannot expect to maintain that if while billions of dollars of gas are being exported, Australians are left short.”

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