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SA asked to conserve power after AGL fire


Source: Financial Review 03/03/2017

The South Australian Energy Minister Tom Koustantonis said on Friday that households had been asked to conserve electricity and run air-conditioners at higher temperatures than normal as a precautionary measure after a fire at AGL's Torrens Island power station.

The directive had come from the Australian Energy Market Operator as a precautionary measure to "help avoid potential load-shedding", Mr Koutsantonis said. AEMO has also now postponed maintenance work on the Victorian interconnector which had been scheduled to happen on Saturday, to help stabilise the situation.

Power prices spiked on Friday afternoon in South Australia and hit the maximum allowable limit after the three generation units at the Torrens Island power station, near Port Adelaide, went offline. It appeared that a voltage transformer had exploded, Mr Koutsantonis said.

The Metropolitan Fire Service said four fire engines had been sent to the site, but AGL staff had already extinguished small spot fires with specialised fire extinguishers.

 Mr Koutsantonis said AEMO had advised him that about 400MW of generation went offline at Torrens Island, while the nearby Pelican Point power station also lost about 200MW of power after being "tripped due to proximity". That power went offline at about 3.35pm local time. Some Adelaide households and businesses reported a very brief flickering of lights and short power interruptions around that time.


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