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Energy:no room for partisan politics, groups tell government


Source: The Guardian 13/2/17

A coalition of business, energy, investor, climate and welfare groups has issued a sharply worded wake-up call on the energy debate, declaring “finger pointing” and 10 years of partisan politics have destroyed investor confidence in Australia’s energy sector, “worsening reliability risks”.

The joint statement from 18 groups ranging from the Business Council of Australia to the Australian Council of Social Services follows months of zero sum political debate about energy policy, power prices and reliability, during which time the federal government has pre-empted a major review by the chief scientist, Alan Finkel, by ruling out carbon trading in the electricity sector.

The pushback against toxic partisanship comes as the Liberal party in three states – South Australia, Victoria and Queensland – has agreed to do away with state-based renewable energy targets, lining up instead behind the federal scheme.

But the 18 groups are making it known they want an end to all the posturing and brawling between Canberra and the states, which has rolled on since late last year over state-based renewable energy targets.

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