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Warning of NSW power shortages after soaring temperatures


Source: The Age 9/2/17

NSW faces potential power shortages during the coming heatwave, prompting the electricity market operator to demand additional supply.

The demand, issued on Thursday morning by Australian Energy Markets Operator (AEMO), comes after the agency triggered rolling power cuts in South Australia on Wednesday evening as the mercury hovered near 40 degrees.

The loss of electricity to about 40,000 South Australian households for about half an hour reignited a debate over the country's energy policy, with the state blaming AEMO and the federal government blaming states for excessive renewable energy goals.

The issue, though, extended beyond wind farms on Thursday, when AEMO issued an alert for a looming supply shortfall for Friday afternoon for NSW - a state that gets the great bulk of its electricity from coal and gas-fired power stations. 

With temperatures set to climb into the 40s across most of NSW on Friday and for several days afterwards, AEMO issued a so-called "forecast lack of reserve" notice after identifying a 19-megawatt shortfall in the NSW region for 5-5.30pm on Friday.

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