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Gillard to step over NPT to get to India


 Whilst visiting India, Prime Minister Gillard was reaffirmed her administration’s policy aspirations of moving outside the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) when exporting uranium.

 Australia has one of the world’s largest deposits of uranium that it has long exported to nations, with conditions on its use for non-weaponry purposes. This ruling is spelt out it the NPT, a treaty that was entered into in an effort to ameliorate global nuclear proliferation.

 The difficulty the Gillard Government faces is that India is not a signatory to the NPT, and is unlikely to sign due to its stockpile of nuclear weapons, and its nuclear stalemate with Pakistan.

 Despite this, India is in dire need of nuclear fuel to power its newly constructed 2GW nuclear power plant at Kudankulam in Southern India in order to overcome chronic power outages in the country.

 Gillard has defended her stance as one of global citizenship and crucial to forging stronger binds with India. She has stated that other agreements and treaties will be entered into including a safeguard agreement, which usually occurs in conjunction with NPT membership.