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Greg Hunt offers Alcoa new power station


Source: The Guardian Sunday 18/12/16

A new power station for Victoria’s south-west are among offers being made to Alcoa in a bid to save jobs at the struggling Portland aluminium smelter.

Federal and Victorian industry ministers Greg Hunt and Wade Noonan will fly to New York on Monday to meet with senior global leaders of Alcoa in a bid to secure a future for the struggling smelter.

Among possible solutions is a new power station to reduce the smelter’s vulnerability.

Earlier this month, the smelter was crippled when it lost power for five-and-a-half hours after an interconnector from Victoria to South Australia failed.

“In the longer term we will be working with all involved to find a sustainable power solution and have worked in deep co-operation with the Victorian government and the company to that effect,” Hunt said in a statement.

The future of the smelter, which employs more than 500 people directly, has been under a cloud for some time.

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