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Closure of Hazelwood to add $78 a year to power bills


Source: The Guardian 14/12/16

The closure of Victoria’s Hazelwood coal-fired power station will add an average of $78 a year to energy bills around the country, a new analysis claims.

South Australians will have $150 a year added to household bills, Victorian power bills will rise by $99, a typical New South Wales consumer will pay an extra $74 a year for their electricity, while Queenslanders will pay an extra $28, due to to the upcoming closure of Australia’s cheapest – and most polluting – power generator.

The Australian Energy Market Commission 2016 residential electricity price trends report found wholesale energy prices would jump 36% with the planned shutdown of Hazelwood in March.

The AEMC report also noted that electricity prices would be affected by the price for gas through gas-fired power stations, and was expected to play a larger role in the market in the future.

The Council of Australian Governments energy council will meet in Melbourne on Wednesday to look at regulations around new interconnectors, and efforts to ensure cheaper gas supplies.

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