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Second Basslink Backed by key government report


Source: The Age 12/12/16

Building a second power line between Tasmania and the mainland would boost the security of the national electricity network a key government report has found, especially with the anticipated shutdown of more coal-fired power plants.

The release of the report on Monday comes as a number of private groups are pursuing plans for additional links between South Australia and both of the Victorian and NSW electricity grids after a prolonged power outage in South Australia earlier in the year. These plans are aimed at reducing the possibility of further prolonged outages as the reliance on intermittent power sources such as wind and solar energy grows.

The AEMO report found boosting transmission lines across the electricity grid could help cut power prices provided to households.

Even though the AEMO study found the case for a second Basslink was only marginally economic as a stand-alone project, it could enable significant additional savings since it would avoid the need for further so-called "peaking" power plants to be built in Victoria and NSW to help manage the threat to power supply security from the rising reliance on intermittent renewable energy sources.

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