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VIC to become first State with Time of Use Feed-in Tariffs


Source: Reneweconomy, 26 October 2016

Victoria’s solar households look to have notched up a win this week, after the state Labor government announced the introduction of multiple time-of-use tariffs for rooftop solar exports to the grid – a first for state governments in Australia – to better reflect the value of the state’s distributed solar generation.

State minister for energy Lily D’Ambrosio said on Wednesday the Andrews government had given the nod to multiple time-of-use solar FiTs ranging from peak, to off-peak and shoulder, which would better reflected current electricity pricing.

This would mean that solar households would be rewarded slightly more for their rooftop solar generation – up to 8c/kWh – if they sent it to the grid during peak periods.

The government also said that the minimum feed-in tariff – while yet to be determined by the state’s pricing regulator – was expected to go up 20 per cent, or from 5c/kWh to 6.5c/kWh, to better reflect their PV system’s environment value.

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