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United Energy: Greensync Project to defer Network Costs


Source: RenewEconomy 18 August 2016

Melbourne-based start-up GreenSync has revealed it will be working with Victorian utility United Energy to deliver a landmark, community-based demand response and energy storage project on the Mornington Peninsula that will defer the need for costly network upgrades in the popular tourist area.

GreenSync, whose sophisticated distributed energy management platform won it a finals berth in last year’s Australian Technologies Competition, says the five-year project will engage and incentivise households, businesses and community groups from Rosebud to Portsea to reduce and/or shift their electricity usage.

According to GreenSync managing director Phil Blythe, the technologies used in the project will cover everything from solar PV systems to battery storage, to controlled load management, mostly of air-conditioning units, which residents, business owners and tourists switch on by the tens of thousands during the Peninsula’s hot summers.

GreenSync will also engage local utilities and other larger commercial and industrial operations to control their discretionary loads.

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