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AEMO forecasts flat electricity demand growth


Source: Australian Energy Market Operator, 16 June 2016

For the first time, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has explored trends in household electricity usage as part of its 2016 National Electricity Forecasting Report (NEFR), which also provides operational consumption and maximum and minimum demand forecasts for each National Electricity Market (NEM) region over a 20-year outlook period to 2035–36.

AEMO Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Matt Zema said that while households today use more lighting, have larger televisions, more web-connected devices, larger capacity whitegoods, and more heating and cooling capacity, the growth in these services has not resulted in more electricity being consumed from the grid.

"Maximum demand is forecast to remain flat across the outlook period, despite increased use and capacity of heating and air conditioning as growth is offset by energy efficiency and rooftop PV. In particular rooftop PV is changing power flows so the maximum electricity demand of the system is projected to occur later in the day when the sunshine is less intense," added Mr Zema.

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