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Electricity Generation Emissions rose 2.4% in 2015


Source: The Age, 14 January 2016

Australia's greenhouse gases from its power sector jumped by 3.8 million tonnes in 2015, potentially making it harder to meet the country's international promises to cut total emissions.

Pollution from power stations - which account for about a third of Australia's total carbon emissions - was up 2.4 per cent compared with 2014, according to data compiled by Pitt & Sherry and The Australia Institute.

Emissions from electricity production, which was the prime target of the carbon tax, are now 5.1 per cent higher than in June 2014 - just before the scheme was scrapped by the Abbott government:

The rise in emissions is being driven in part by a switch back to coal-fired power as more gas gets diverted to offshore markets. The share of gas in the National Electricity Market, which supplies about 80 per cent of Australia's population, fell to 11.2 per cent in December, its lowest proportion since mid-2010.

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