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Origin First to take Tesla Powerwall to the Market


Origin Energy have struck a deal with Tesla to become Australia's first local supplier of the much-hyped Tesla Powerwall battery storage system. The battery storage is to be sold as a package with solar panels and inverter for $16,500. 

Another local supplier, Natural Solar, has said they anticipate to sell the Powerwall separately for 8,300-8,500 AUD, a significantly higher price than the well-publicised 3,000 USD which was announced at the product launch earlier this year by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

This substantial difference in pricing can be attributed to a number of factors, namely;
- Freight costs from the US to Australia,
- Higher installation costs,
- Varied inverter requirements, as in the US mains power supply is 120V compared to 230V in Australia.
- Australia is seen as a lucrative market where consumers will be willing to pay a premium for energy products, as has been seen with the high uptake of rooftop solar. 

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