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Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Updated


Source: The Age 25 August 2015

Victorian Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosio announced Tuesday August 25 that the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) was to be updated to a new goal of 30 million tonnes CO2 reduction by 2020.

D'Ambrosio cited research which suggested that Victorian households could reduce their energy bills to nearly 40% lower than the average electricity bill. The target, likely to be met by similar means as the previous VEET target, is to incorporate lighting, heating, cooling, and appliances.

This comes in the same week in which the Victoria Essential Services Comission (ESC) confirmed that the minimum solar feed-in tariff retailers must provide to rooftop solar homes is to be reduced from 6.2 cents in 2015 to 5.0 cents in 2016.

The reduction in the tariff amount, the ESC says, is in-line with the reduction in electricity spot prices in the same hours which solar PV is generating and exporting electricity into the grid. The Solar Council has condemned the reduction in feed-in tariff as punishing people who want to do the right thing, both by the environment and by the electricity network. 

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