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Government to take 26% Emissions Reduction to Climate Summit


After months of mounting speculation the Liberal Federal Government has announced Australia's post 2030 target which it will take to the Climate Summit in Paris later this year. A target of 26% reduction in emission below 2005 levels has already seen swift criticism in light of targets set by other countries globally.

Comparisons with similarly developed nations have been quickly made to highlight what many see as an inadequate target.

The US have already pledged to meet the 26% target by 2025, as well as the EU committing to 34% by 2030 (based on 2005 emissions), Canada 30%, UK 48%, as well as Japan committing to a cut of 25%. Though it should be noted that Japan's commitment, similar to Australia's, has received less attention due to their recovery from the Fukushima nuclear disaster which has had a significant impact on their energy sector.

The Coalition have also agreed that the target may be flexible, in the sense that as time progresses and the economics of tackling climate change become clearer, modifications in the target may be achievable - in the order of an additional 2% to the 26% target.

With climate policy lined up to be a key issue for the federal election next year the Climate Summit in Paris later this year will certainly prove a testing ground for not only international sentiment towards Australia's emissions target, but also reaction domestically as the high profile summit is sure to receive ongoing media attention.