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Report Refutes "Coal Good For Humanity" Claim


Source: Climate Spectator, 29 July 2015

Renewable energy is an easier, quicker and cheaper method than burning coal to help lift people out of poverty through access to power, a new report says.

In the report intended to challenge the mining industry's "spin" about coal and poverty, Oxfam Australia says coal is ill-suited as a power source for most people living without electricity.

More than one billion people around the world don't have power and 84 per cent of those live in rural areas, the Powering Up Against Poverty report says.

It says the cost of extending electricity grids to those rural areas offsets any economic incentive of coal power, making renewable energy a cheaper option.

It's also quicker to install local solar panels than build coal plants.

 "There are many examples of how local renewable energy is improving energy access, providing jobs and bringing new prosperity and providing the foundations for development," report author Simon Bradshaw told AAP.

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