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Australia over-estimates Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Australia has been over-estimating its carbon emissions forecast out to 2020 according to a report released by RepuTex on Wednesday July 10. Hugh Grossman, Executive Director, says that this mistake by the federal government will result in Australia easily reaching its 2020 carbon emissions target.

The 2020 forecast target is the benchmark from which Australia will make its submission to the UN Climate Change conference taking place in Paris in December - where it is hoped that a binding agreement for 2030 can be reached.

Grossman goes on to say that according to current projections, approximately one-third of the reductions needed to meet the 2020 target would be achieved through the government's Emissions Reduction Fund. With other factors such as; export growth and reduced electricity demand making up the remainder of the target.

The report findings seem to support the line of questioning that was directed at the Australian Government during a recent meeting in Germany for the UN Multilateral Assessment. This meeting allowed nations to question and scrutinised the rigor of other countries climate change policies.

Australia's Emissions Reduction Fund recieved questions from many countries as to whether it was able to meet the 2020 targets. In the lead up to Paris in December, it is expected that the Federal Government will announce Australia's new emissions target for 2030 in July at a party conference.