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Sun shines on solar market


Source: AFR, 10 Dec 2014

Australia’s burgeoning solar energy market is about to be turned on its head as the country’s largest energy retailer starts offering a pay-as-you-go package for households and small business.

Origin Energy’s planned launch in the new year of solar PV systems with no initial capital charges has the potential to transform Australian energy consumption.

It will put further pressure on distribution and transmission companies to charge for access to the grid. Also, it will force other major energy retailers to match Origin’s product offering.

Origin has been testing a number of pay-as-you-go systems among staff and friends of Origin in Brisbane ahead of the launch of a suite of rooftop solar products in 2015.

Frank Calabria, who is chief executive of energy markets at Origin, says about 70 per cent of solar PV systems installed in California in the United States are pay-as-you-go. He says removing the capital investment up front will change the relationship between Origin and its customers.

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