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Soaring gas prices spur expansion of energy savings plan


Source: The Age, 10 Nov 2014

Soaring gas prices have prompted the NSW government to expand its energy efficiency support program to include gas as well as electricity.

The Energy Savings Scheme, which encourages households and businesses to invest in energy efficiency,will also be extended to 2025 from its previous end date of 2020.

Details of the revised scheme will be revealed by Environment Minister Rob Stokes at the Energy Efficiency Council's National Conference in Sydney on Tuesday.

"The expansion of the ESS to include gas recognises that gas is a vital source of energy for many households and businesses and that there are opportunities to use gas more efficiently," Mr Stokes said. Incentives include assisting consumers to buy high-efficiency gas heaters and hot water systems, the government said.

Gas prices are set to double in coming years as Australia's supply network becomes more integrated with global markets, sending domestic prices to international levels.

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