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Clive Palmer blocks carbon tax repeal


Source: AFR, 10 July 2014

The government has failed to repeal the carbon tax and will be forced to try again next week.

At just after 12.30pm on Thursday, the Senate voted by 37 to 35 to block the repeal of the tax after Clive Palmer pulled a last-minute ambush, saying he was unhappy with the wording of his amendment which would have passed energy savings back to consumers.

As a result, his three Senators, plus the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party Ricky Muir voted with Labor and the Greens to block the repeal.

The carbon tax, however, still appears doomed. Mr Palmer has agreed for the entire legislative package of nine bills be reintroduced to the House of Representatives next week, along with his amendments to which the government has now agreed.

The legislation will be rushed through the Lower House on Monday and put back to the Senate which will have until Thursday to pass it.

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