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Muir to back ARENA


Source: Climate Spectator, 9 July 2014

Victorian Senator Ricky Muir will introduce amendments to the carbon tax repeal bill to safeguard the Australian Renewables Agency, Fairfax reports.

The support of Senator Muir means that there is a good chance ARENA could avoid the government's axe, with the backing of Labor, the Greens and two more senators required. The PUP is so far undecided on the future of ARENA while Senator Nick Xenophon is believed to be likely to back the agency.

Lobby group Solar Citizens welcomed the Motoring Enthusiast Party senator's support of the agency.

"ARENA has been highly successful in encouraging investment in Australian renewable energy," said Lindsay Soutar, National Director of Solar Citizens.

"ARENA drives investment in new technologies and drives job creation - particularly in regional areas. Without bodies such as ARENA helping advance the renewable energy market, Australia risks being left behind the rest of the world."