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Senate to dump tax and trading scheme


Source: The Age, 27 June 2014

The most politically costly reform in Australian politics in decades is to end with the Senate preparing to wind up Labor's carbon tax and scrap the automatic move to a market based trading scheme from next year.

The government's carbon tax repeal bill will now be voted on by the newly configured Senate as early as July 7, but more likely a week later on the 15th - due to Senate procedural rules - after Tony Abbott secured the final crossbench support from Clive Palmer's party.

It will pass with the support of the Coalition, most of the cross-bench independents and Mr Palmer's Palmer United Party bloc, which includes the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party's senator-elect, Ricky Muir.

Prime Minister Abbott met with Mr Palmer on Thursday morning and emerged happy that the minor party's four upper-house votes would support the abolition of the fixed price, subject to just one condition - a guarantee that the package would contain legislated assurances of cheaper electricity for households.

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